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Gino Pozzo Changes European Football

European football was a staid and reassuring place until the arrival of Gino Pozzo. The Harvard Business graduate had been studying in America when his family purchased Italy’s Udinese Calcio Football Club. The team was purchased by the Pozzo family, with the family having links to the club. The success of Pozzo’s new system for running a soccer team has been adopted by many clubs across Europe’s top leagues.

Gino Pozzo returned to Italy with a fresh outlook about how to run a top European football team. Udinese had suffered through several years of decline under the Pozzo family before the arrival of Gino. The youngest Pozzo child returned to Italy with a plan for creating an extensive scouting network to bring undervalued players to Udinese. The family did not have the financial firepower to battle the top European clubs for proven talents and embraced Gino’s plans for the future. The scouting network worked at Udinese and in Spain’s La Liga. Eventually, Gino Pozzo set his sights on the English Premier League as the holy grail of football success.

The Pozzo family has made its name by buying small European clubs and turning them into established teams in their top league. Gino Pozzo targeted Watford F.C. when the club sat in the bottom tier of English football and was on the brink of financial oblivion.

The Pozzo network of scouts found players for Watford to push the team from the bottom of the professional game to the top. Successive promotions moved Watford F.C to the English Premier League and its undoubted riches. Pozzo is still at the helm of Watford and has shown hundreds of small clubs how to find long-term success. Gino Pozzo believes there are many ways to run a successful football club in Europe. Pozzo continues to put his faith in young players as Watford punches above its weight in English football. Refer to this page to learn more.


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