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Edgard Corona on Being the Boss and Empowering the Workers

The website Professional Tales presented an in depth look at Edgard Corona. It featured
excerpts from an interview on a podcast entitled “Like a Boss.” It
provides some interesting insights into what has made Corona the business
 in Brazil. 

Corona is the owner
of SmartFit, a chain of fitness centers in several countries besides Brazil.
The article does far more than explain his current company. It goes into many
other facets of the businessman’s life. Edgard Corona  has an interesting take
on starting any new business. It involves a curve. That means that the business
does not move in a straight line. It goes up and down resembling a curve. The
owner has to accept this fact and adjust accordingly. 

Another point he
makes is the fact that commencing a business  and running a tight budget do not
go hand in hand. You must have the resources to make the startup function properly.
Even if you have the resources, Corona says every new business looks like a
success. It is only once the firm gets rolling that the previously mentioned
curve is encountered. 

SmartFit arose out
of an industry that was not well established in Brazil at the time. Most people
did not have the time or inclination, or both, to go to a gym. The challenger
for Corona was to create an environment  where large blocks of time were not
required. He did just that, and the business flourished. 

Edgard Corona stresses
that making mistakes is all part of the business process. In addition, he
believes the boss should involve all team members. By making group decisions,
everyone is part of the success of the business . This worked in the gym
industry and would probably do well anywhere else. Edgard Corona has the key to
success in being a boss and starting new businesses.