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Gino Pozzo Changed The Course Of Football With His Passion

Owning a football club is a dream for many football enthusiasts. For Gino Pozzo, this dream became more than just a reality. In fact, he and his family own three different clubs. This dedication to the game, however, doesn’t end there.

Turning Passion Into Success

With both of his parents being life-long lovers of the game, it’s no surprise that their passion also grew to be a part of Gino. Their reputation as a football family, however, came after they made a name for themselves in the world of woodworking. It was not into 1986 with the purchase of the Udinese Calcio Football Club in their hometown using the profits of their woodworking business that the family’s love for football became known to the world. Their transformation of the club from mediocre to one of the best, however, was the final stamp of approval in showing the world their football passion.

Doing It Right

Gino Pozzo’s Udinese club was the first club that he and his family bought. At the time, the club was in dire straits. In debt and without a future, the family had their work cut out for them. Their dedication, however, soon brought forth results. The club quickly became a powerhouse in Europe. This success, however, was no fluke. Both of their other two clubs where also purchased during similar tumultuous times. And again, the family brought both clubs out of the darkness and turned them into European powerhouses. No one could deny Gino and his family’s love of the game anymore.

What The Future Holds

The passion that Gino Pozzo and his family have for football has continued strong throughout the years. Through dedication and a strong commitment to his players, Gino has allowed each of his clubs to find the success that was thought all but impossible. See this article for additional information.


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