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Ron Gutman Is HealthApp´s Product, Innovation, and Growth Leader and a Digital Health and Innovation Thought Leader.

Over the past 30 years, Ron Gutman has helped build some of the most successful private companies in the world and has permitted start or join more than a dozen successful public companies. While most people think of him as the co-founder of Google, he is the founder of more than just one company.


As a public speaker, intellectual, servant, and humanitarian, you can’t find a more passionate advocate for his agenda than this man. His passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, leading by example, and unwavering faith in people make him a fast-track company for hire. In this talk, also published in many languages, Ron Gutman outlined the benefits of smiling, how to do it naturally, and the eight ways you can practice it right now. 


He has more on his professional background. In his talk, titled “Smiling is Not a Must,” the healthcare and business expert stressed that you could do very few things to make your day-to-day activities happier. He recommended that you spend a few minutes each day smiling at your phone, sending a smiling emoji to anyone who might need it and talking to yourself in a cheerful, light voice. Ron Gutman also advised that you could try running or lying in bed with a book each night.


In the video, the healthcare expert shared his experience with the impact of smiling, how it can improve your self-esteem, and how you can achieve permanent positive change in your smiling. In this talk, Ron Gutman shared his experiences as a public speaking professional, cultivating positivity in yourself and others and using smilings in your life and work. He also shares ways you can use smilings to help others.

Following more, he founded a company. Healthcare and business expert Gutman co-founded the HealthApp Company, which provides solutions for health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. He is also the co-founder of the U.S. Corporation for National and Community Service – a non-profit organization that provides health care to communities of color. Healthcare and business expert Ron Gutman finally recalls that these organizations rely on HealthApp to provide mobile apps that help their employees manage their health problems.