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Randy Douthit

Randy Douthit is the founder of “No Excuses Fitness” which has been featured on the Ellen show, Dave Ramsey Show, and The Doctors. Randy is a fitness coach and personal trainer with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and over 12 years of experience coaching people online to get fit and stay that way.


Slim and Sexy: Now that you’ve got the ideal body, it’s time to slim down. Here are some tips for shrinking your belly to look great in clothes without looking like a whale.

Lean and Mean: You want to look “mean” and “lean” but don’t know how? Here is how to get these lean looks while staying lean.

The Best Way to Do the Best Exercise

The best way to do your favorite exercise – and the one you hate – to get better results in less time.

Besides all that, he runs an online business, travels around the country giving speeches on his work with NEX, writes regularly for various sites including his own site “No Excuses Fitness” and loves living in Georgia with his wife and two kids.

Randy has a very simple philosophy that appeals to thousands of people every day. He divides the body into three sections – one-third each for upper, lower and abs. He calls it the “3-3-3 Rule”. When your abs are flat and firm, your waist is small. When your upper body is well developed, you look good in a dress shirt and tie. When your lower body is more defined, there are few bulges in your pants. He has some really pointed things to say and is a very effective presenter in the classroom.

You will usually find him presenting his “lean” program at corporate fitness centers and coaching groups where he talks about how they can use 3-3-3 with their one-on-one clients or their group members.

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit speech is ready to read online and would make a great introduction to any presentation on training for success.

Randy is currently a fit and active man who was overweight and out of shape. He realized that he needed to do something about his weight, so he started working with his own body. By adjusting his diet and taking Bikram Yoga classes, Randy began losing fat while building up muscle mass. This process happens slowly at first, but over time, the changes become more noticeable. His weight loss didn’t stop there; Randy also began exercising to see if he could get in better shape.