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Leo Radvinsky Seeks To Improve Future Programming for the Tech World

Leo Radvinsky is a businessman who is active as an entrepreneur, technological innovator, philanthropist, and venture capital investor. His expertise led him to look at old programming languages that weren’t being used much and improving those languages so that they better fit into modern and future programming. In the technological world, it’s essential for tech to evolve to keep up with consumers’ needs. Leo Radvinsky found promise in a foundational program, Visual Basic, and he helped create essential changes and a few other languages to update the tool.

B4X Success

Visual Basic is a Windows-based programming language that was designed for developers to create for the Windows operating system. It was easy to use, but didn’t have the functionality to support high-performance tasks. While the language was relatively forgotten, Leo Radvinsky was aware of it and invested in the improvements needed to allow the language to perform many applications. B4X was proprietary software, but today it’s an open source technology thanks to Radvinsky and his efforts and vision.

The improved programming language now functions as an elegant language that’s still easy to use and is helpful for many applications. It simplifies cross-platform development and is more accessible. With Radvinsky’s investment in the language, this open source technology can continue to be improved. It’s now a popular, flexible language with a loyal following. It’s even being utilized in the Internet of Things.

Radvinsky became interested in B4X in 2010. As an angel investor and partner, he edited the suite of tools to become open source — something any developer at any level could use for free.

“By helping B4X move to an open source model, Leonid Radvinsky successfully expanded its client base worldwide and boosted the overall use of its software by 50%,” reports “This dramatic increase in outreach was consistent with Radvinsky’s long standing belief in open source software as both exceptionally useful and extremely secure.” says Radvinsky, “Continues to work with the company’s senior management in areas of operations and strategic growth to guide B4X in its journey as an open source platform. In doing so, he remains a big part of the rapidly expanding open source movement.”
At no time was that movement more important than during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the popularity and use of open source software skyrocketed.

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