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Happy Joe’s pizzas, desserts, salads, sides, and beverages

The opening weekend for the new Roxy location in Egypt saw families queuing up outside the front door waiting for their first mouthful of the famous Happy Joe’s American pizza parlor. Their menu here also includes pizzas, ice creams and magical flavors. The restaurant opened its doors just over one year ago, and the popularity of the food has been phenomenal ever since. 


Families come out just after school finishes and eat together, then they head home and enjoy a piece of Happy Joe’s Magic every night. To provide guests with an uninterrupted experience, it was decided that the best course would be to expand into the fast food industry. Although Happy Joe’s has grown steadily in size and reputation, demand for its restaurant offerings remains exceptionally high. 


With two locations currently operational and another in development, guests can expect further growth in both volume and quality of service. For those who love birthdays and birthdays, whether for themselves or someone else, Happy Joe’s is where you can find everything you could imagine and more. Birthday parties are not only fun, but they are also memorable events. 


At Happy Joe’s, we provide party decorations, games, and activities and offer our guests delicious food. We make your party special with our wide selection of pizzas, desserts, salads, sides, and beverages. From traditional Italian favorites to unique creations just for us, you won’t go hungry or thirsty at Happy Joe’s. Whether you dine indoors or outdoors at any one of our locations across Iowa, you’ll experience the warm hospitality of Happy Joe’s.


Our convenient locations allow families to enjoy Happy Joe’s without traveling far. We know how important it is for children to grow up knowing what it means to be happy. That’s why the American Pizza Parlor provides children’s menus, educational toys, coloring books, activity sheets, crayons, balloons, face painting, finger foods, party favors, party supplies, inflatables, music, and much more! So whatever your age, family size, or budget, if you’re planning a big event, give us a call today.