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David Parrott UF and Student Retention and Success

When he began as an adjunct faculty member at NC State in 2011, David Parrott’s vision was to implement a career path for LPs that would help them build their marketing and business management skills. Also, to prepare them for leadership roles. David Parrott explains that operationalization of the delivery of higher education got more challenging when modern technology was introduced. 


Currently, with platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Instagram, students are increasingly seeking ways to connect with other like-minded people who share their interests and form a club. David Parrott recalls that today’s college students need a strong leader who can inspire them with ideas and guidance no matter what they are studying or doing. 


David Parrott UF has been a valuable resource to our department since he first took up his post in 2011. His experience, knowledge, and insights have enabled us to continue improving our educational offerings while still being able to accommodate current student needs. While at UF David Parrott was the department head of Mechanical Engineering and was instrumental in developing new programs and new academic resources. 


In this role, he also provided students with a wealth of knowledge about engineering, design, and manufacturing; both in general and in specific areas of expertise. David Parrott was also involved with the engineering department’s Quality Improvement Committee which was a collaborative effort between both academic departments and industry professionals to improve the quality of education at UF.

According to his experience at UF, David Parrott has made a positive impact on the department’s programs and student outcomes from the time he started working there. With his leadership skills, he has assisted the department in developing new programs and resources to increase student retention and student success. In 2015, David Parrott was honored by NC State University as part of their Distinguished Alumni Award program for his leadership and support for students at NC State University. In 2016, he was recognized as one of five “Emerging Leaders” by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).